Top 10 Best Safesound Personal Alarm

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A sound that can be heard more than 1,000 feet away. That’s the distance of a football field. A personal alarm with this kind of range is your best option to scare off an attacker or alert someone for help when you are in danger. The sounds emitted from these alarms are designed to deter attackers by causing pain and discomfort to their ears while also being loud enough to attract attention from people nearby. 

Safesound Personal Alarm offers many features including: maximum volume, adjustable tone, waterproof design, LED flashlight and safety belt clip making it one of the most versatile personal alarms on the market today!

Top 4 Best Safesound Personal Alarm Reviews

1. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm, 6 Pack 140DB Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights

Protect yourself and loved ones against the danger of an uncertain world with the KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm. Unlike traditional alarm systems, this personal security alarm is small and lightweight enough for you to protect both day and night. Operated by a single button, this SOS alarm has a high-pitched sound that can be heard from across rooms or even outside. The 140db alarm also contains three AG13/LR44 batteries which will last up to six months on standby mode (with one minute alerts) before needing replacements. Simply twist off the cap of any Coke bottle filled with water in order to set off your emergency alert! 

Safe Sound Personal Alarm: 140db Alert With 3 Batteries


  • The people who use this alarm say it’s loud and powerful.
  • A car stopped near a home, and the motion sensor alerted the residents.
  • The product is an alarm, small enough to go anywhere with you, and has a flashlight feature.
  • This product is great for the price and has a variety of colors.
  • The alarm is small and light, coming in a variety of colors.


  • The pull alarm I received was not as quick to activate the sound, but it may be easier for some people because of its sleeker style.

2. Safesound Personal Alarm Siren Song 1-Pack – 130dB Self Defense Alarm Keychain with Emergency LED Flashlight

The Safesound Personal Alarm is a state of the art 130dB personal safety alarm keychain that offers 2 ways to use it. The Safesound Personal Alarm has a USB rechargeable battery and 3 LED emergency flashlight, so you’ll always have light in an emergency situation. Not only will the Safesound Personal Alarm scare off attackers by emitting loud and startlingly realistic panic siren sound with flashing LEDs, but also you will be 1 click away from calling for help with the built-in audible SOS alarm button.

The Safesound Personal Alarm can not only scare off would-be attackers, but also lets you call for help discreetly without fear of prying eyes or ears near your phone or purse.


  • This is a self defense tool that has many uses.
  • This alarm siren has a good size clip making it easy to take on and off keychain.
  • This product is a very loud and easy to use flashlight that can be turned on or off.


  • I like the function of this keychain flashlight and it is easy to use. The sound, however, was a little too much because my husband’s keys got stuck in his pocket at church and made a loud noise

3. Safesound Personal Alarm, Zabree 130db Personal Alarm Keychain with Batteries Included

Men and women of all ages need to be aware of their personal safety. The Safesound Personal Alarm is a clever, 3-in-1 device that will not only protect oneself in the event of an emergency—but also bring help instantly if need be. With its 130db alarm this compact device can certainly make a loud noise to draw someone’s attention―especially when coupled with its flashing lights, or any other scary images it may have programmed into it! Just want the constant subtle presence? It comes with a discreet keychain design that you can clip on your belt loop or tote bag securely while looking sophisticated without being too flashy. Safe sound is always at reach!


  • The personal safety alarm is small, light weight, and easy to operate.
  • The 4 pack of personal safety alarms are easy to use and will turn heads when activated.
  • This is a device that emits noise to scare off attackers and draws attention.

4. Safesound Personal Alarm Siren Song 2 Pack – 130dB Self Defense Alarm Keychain Emergency LED Flashlight with USB Rechargerable

Introducing Safesound Personal Alarm Siren Song! Keep this little device in your purse or pocket to stay safe at all times. The 130 dB Emergency Alarm will ring out when you need to defend yourself. It features a keychain design so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. Be prepared for emergencies with this brand new alarm that just can’t be missed!

– USB Rechargeable Battery – charge time is only 30 minutes then you can get 1 years in standby time ‍-130dB Safety Emergency Alarm – 2 Ways to Use – Bright LED Flashlight w/3 Super Bright Modes – Lightweight & Portable Alarm Keychain


  • The person loves the keychain that is rechargeable and doesn’t need batteries.
  • This speaker is both loud and bright, with the added bonus of not repeting battery costs.
  • The high-tech device has a two way feature, which allows it to get louder when used simultaneously.

How to use your personal alarm?

  1. Pull the pin out of your personal alarm.
  2. Press button on your personal alarm to activate it (about 5 seconds).
  3. The 130 dB sound will be activated, attracting attention and help.
  4. To deactivate you can either put the pin back in or press the button again (about 3 seconds).

We recommend replacing the pin before storage after use for added security . The alarm is switched off automatically after 60 seconds if no further activation takes place. The sound has an additional function; it also triggers any nearby burglar alarms which may deter burglars very effectively! There are many videos online showing how effective these devices can be in practice, please watch this short one below:

Concealed Carry Safe Personal Alarm

The SafeSound Personal Alarm can also be used as a concealed carry alarm. When the alarm is not in use simply unscrew the pin and screw it back in when you need to use your personal alarm. The sound will only be activated once the pin is removed which makes this an extremely effective concealed carry self-defense tool against attacks or robberies!

Belt clip attached for ease of carrying

When using your personal alarm as a concealed carry device, make sure that you have the belt clip attached at all times so that it does not become lost. We recommend that you attach your SafeSound Personal Alarm to your keys by threading the key ring through both holes on either side of the top of the unit, then slide it onto your belt. This way you are unlikely to forget that your alarm is securely attached!

Card pocket on back of unit for ID or business cards

We advise that you attach this device to where it can be easily seen, remember if you are attacked you will not have much time so the more visible the better. Your Safesound Personal Alarm could even act as a deterrent itself by making would-be attackers aware that you are carrying an alarm. We recommend attaching the alarm to one side of your bag, purse strap or notebook case etc, making sure it’s well within the eye line of the person approaching. The devices also include belt clips for ease of use and portability – just move onto your belt loop or whichever extremity is most convenient.

Carry Safe Sound with you always Whether your personal alarm is being used as a concealed carry or just for general property protection, it must be with you at all times! We recommend putting in on your keychain so that it is always in arm’s reach in case of emergencies. The device only weighs 53g and comes packed in a small box so carrying this discretely should not cause any problems. A clip or hook can also be attached to the device if required. 

The benefits of having a personal alarm 

1. Alerts and draws attention of passersby in case of emergency or criminal attack

2.  Safesound is an electromagnetic device that has no electronic components to be detected by criminals

3.  130 dB alarm siren with flashing LED light

4.  Requires no batteries – just pull the plug!

5.  Lightweight and convenient to carry around

6.  Can be used as a concealed carry personal alarm when not in use

7. “If you do nothing else, get one of these”

Please note:

1)  The SafeSound Personal Alarm will only activate once the pin is removed, it will deactivate automatically after 60 seconds (longer if not activated again during this period) if no further action takes place.

2).  The SafeSound Personal Alarm is not a toy, its purpose is to protect you and other people against criminals – please use with due care and respect for the device and its capabilities. The author will not be held responsible in any way for any injuries or damages resulting from use of this product.

3.) The Safesound Personal Alarm is an electromagnetic device; it emits sound only when the pin is removed (please note that this will deactivate your alarm 60 seconds after removal unless re-activated). If someone tries to remove your personal alarm while it’s activated, it will immediately stop emitting sound.

4.) Please note that the Safesound Personal Alarm is not a toy, its purpose is to protect you and other people against criminals – please use with due care and respect for the device and its capabilities. The author will not be held responsible in any way for any injuries or damages resulting from use of this product.

5.) Once activated, the Safesound Personal Alarm has a range of up to 100 yards (90 metres) if unobstructed. It can also be moved around easily in case you feel threatened behind closed doors but at least one side of your alarm must remain unobstructed. 6.) If someone tries to remove your personal alarm while it’s activated, it will immediately stop emitting sound. 7.) Please note that when removing the pin from your Safesound Personal Alarm, it is very important to have your fingers in a safe position away from the siren when doing so. 8.) In line with standard practice, we recommend avoiding unnecessary contact between yourself and others during an emergency situation if you are using a personal alarm for protection. 9) When packing away or stowing your personal alarm, it’s best to remove the pin first! 10) The SafeSound Personal Alarm comes complete with 2 x 1 Year Warranty

Why you should have a personal alarm in your house

Inserting a personal alarm in your house is one of the best investments you can do. One way to defend yourself is to sound an alarm that will scare away a thief in your home. The key to surviving in a world full of dangers is a well-planned strategy and your own safety in mind. Having a safesound personal alarm in your car or home can help you avoid being victimized by criminals, just by investing some money on it. With its affordable prices and benefits, there’s no reason why you should not have one yet! 

Introducing the Personal Alarm To understand what this type of security device has to offer, here are some facts about it:

  • It offers an ear-piercing sound that can reach 120 dB.
  • It is small and portable, which makes it ideal for bringing in your pocket or bag. 
  • It has a pin to easily attach it to your clothing or any other area you prefer. [2] 

So with the safesound personal alarm , you have a device that can secure you from potential dangers in any place at all!


The Safesound Personal Alarm is a must have for anyone who wants to feel more secure while going about their day. It’s easy, lightweight and only has one button so no matter what happens you can be safe with just a push of a button. Now go order your personal alarm from our website today!

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