Top 10 Best Roomba 980 Vs 985

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Best Roomba 980 Vs 985

The development of modernization and technology has brought many positive outcomes to our life. As a result, the occurrence of robotic vacuums has been a useful innovation in the cleaning industry. Having a robotic vacuum, you can tidy up your house while dealing with other tasks.

In this article, we will tell you more about these robots, specifically the Roomba 980 vs 985 models. Scroll down for more! 

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Roomba 980 Vs 985 – Comparison

Both Roomba 980 vs 985 have the same power source and similar functional features. The biggest difference between these two models comes from their designs and belonging accessories. This also leads to their various costs on the e-market. Below, we will explain to you about these differences by three categories: power comparison, design comparison, and features comparison.  

1. Power Comparison 

When it comes to power, the two products use the same type of power source. Both vacuum robots use a lithium-ion battery of 3600 Mili-Ampere hours. After 3 hours of fully charged, both models can last their working regime for two hours. Once the batteries get too low, they will automatically go back to the Home Base Charging System to get recharged.  

2. Design Comparison 

Beautiful and modern looks are our first impression of these smart cleaners. Model 980 and its sibling 985 come to the iRobot cleaning market with the same designs with 13.8×13.8×3.6 inches of dimensions, 8.7 pounds of weight. They both have the following accessories: a charging base, a line cord, and an extra filter. 

The design features that make these two types of equipment different from each other are two virtual walls and an extra side brush in the 980 robotic models. This additional brush helps to clean up the floors more effectively. 

3. Features Comparison 

There is a minor difference between these two cleaning tools. The differences mostly come from their design features and accessories. Details as following: 

Roomba 980 

This model possesses a strong powerlifting suction (1900 Pascals) that helps collect every single obstacle on its way. Furthermore, its Power Boost regime gives the item a good performance either on carpets or hard floors.

The outstanding feature about this automatic vacuum is it applies an iAdapt 2.0 navigation technology, which allows the item to clean under furniture and around different size objects. 

Besides, Premium three-stage Cleaning Systems help clean all types of dirty floors, as well as pet hair better. It also features an extra rubber brusher that helps clean up the areas against baseboard cleaner effectively. 

Roomba 985 

The model 985 impresses users with a strong motor suction, which can reach up to 10x the air power with a 3-stage cleaning system to help cleans up all floor types. 

The cleaning system consists of dual-multi surface brushes, making it better to collect debris, pet hair, and dirt. In addition, a trash filter captures up to 90 % of pet allergens, pollen, and small particles. 

This amazing smart vacuum works continuously for 2 hours until the battery gets low and recharges by itself. The Smart Navigation system with visual localization navigates this item to track dirty places. Besides, the Resume regime helps it to track back to the left uncleaned area.  

Quick Rundown Of Roomba 980

Above are the main features of the 980 model. Now let’s have a look at its advantages and disadvantages!   


  • Suitable for busy people, especially housewives 
  • Light-weight and modern design 
  • Offer a smart working schedule 
  • Auto-recharged when the battery gets in low mode 
  • Clean carpet well with carpet cleaning mode 
  • Map cleaning area by a built-in camera 
  • Navigation sensor help clean multiple rooms 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Efficiency 
  • Can be controlled via mobile phone device 


  • Noisy sound 
  • Expensive 

Quick Rundown Of Roomba 985

Robotic vacuum model 985 has similar positive aspects and drawbacks to the peer model 980. Details as below: 


  • Small and modern look  
  • Suitable for busy people 
  • Users can schedule a cleaning regime 
  • Can clean hard floors and carpets 
  • Collect pet hairs effectively 
  • Clean every corner with navigation technology 
  • Resilient working battery 
  • Automatic recharge 
  • Can be managed through other devices like iPad, mobile-phone 
  • Cheaper than model 980 


  • Makes noise while working 
  • The wheels might stick to rough surfaces

Who Should Buy Roomba 980?

This technological item is not a product for everyone due to its high price. Not many people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to own this machine. So if you like tidiness, and if you have time to vacuum your accommodation regularly, you should reconsider buying this one. 

On the other hand, if you have a baby and pets but don’t want to spend time cleaning every day, Roomba 980 is a perfect option for you. This model is user-friendly, and it can do much more than its look.  

All you have to do is connect the robotic vacuum with your mobile phones, then let it do the job by itself. Meanwhile, you can do other tasks like cooking, taking care of the baby, or just relaxing. Don’t worry if your “automatic cleaner” gets lost somewhere. Press on the “Locate Roomba” button! It will turn on the music of the robot that helps you figure out its location. 

Who Should Buy Roomba 985?

Although model 985  has the same functional features as its sibling 980, it is cheaper. Suppose you are concerned about the 980 models because of their high price. The 985 model is an alternative option of a robotic vacuum for you. With this model, you can clean every type of floor, carpets, and pet hairs effectively. 

This equipment works under automatic mode very well. However, be sure there are no particles left on the floor as toys, door mats before turning on the robot. From my experience, no matter whether you choose the 980 models or the 985 models, these both cleaning robots won’t disappoint you!  

It’s Time To Shop! 

Although the 980 model comes up with an extra filter, additional side brush, and two virtual wall barriers, it is pricier than the model 985. Both robotic vacuums Roomba 980 vs 985 are suggested as the best automatic house cleaners on the e-market with excellent cleaning features. 

To choose the best one, you should verify which accessories you want to have with this equipment, which item is suitable for your budget. Have a good time shopping! 

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