Top 10 Best Non-Smart TV

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Best Non-Smart TV

A lot of people are purchasing smart TVs. Smart televisions are popular because of their internet connection and automatic functions. But as years go on, these devices are getting more complex. Considering their complexity, many people might find it hard to navigate.

Top 5 Best Non-Smart TV

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Reviews of Top 5 Good Non-Smart TV

Don’t waste your money on something that you don’t know how to use. Buying a non-smart TV is way easier to navigate than those with smart features. Even though they aren’t equipped with the highest features, this doesn’t mean they lack quality and outdated.

In this post, we are going to show you the best non-smart TVs in the market. Keep on reading to know more.

#1. Furrion 55″ Full HD LED TV

Seatback, relax, and watch your favorite movies and shows in this Furrion 55 Inches Full HD LED TV. You don’t have to worry about washed or dim images. The device comes with dynamic brightness. This feature adjusts the images to their best contrast automatically. Aside from that, it also has an enabled digital sound processor that creates the high-quality sound you will enjoy.

One of the good things about this device is that it offers 1080p HD quality. This gives you the best viewing experience. The TV features two built-in stereo speakers. The speakers offer five sound modes that you can choose from. It has lots of features and connectivity. The device comes with a headphone output, USB port, and a lot more.

Things We Liked
  • 55 inches
  • Mountable design
  • Good for travel with the Furrion’s Climatesmart and Vibrationsmart feature
  • It can withstand changing temperature ad bumps while on the road
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Slow start

#2. Sceptre 43 inches 1080p LED TV

The Sceptre LED TV is a perfect device to mount in your living room. Also, if you have a quite large bedroom, this would be a significant addition. The device comes with a Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation feature. It works in increasing the screen’s frame rate and avoiding possible distortion. This feature also works in improving the pixel of the darkest and brightest images. Just think about yourself viewing your favorite movies at this range.

The model has three HDMI ports that work as its connection technology. One of those three ports come with Mobile High-Definition Link. This means that the port offers seamless and high-quality video. The good thing about this device is that you can connect your tablets or mobile phones to it. Giving you a wider screen to watch movies and play games.

Things We Liked
  • Equipped with Full High-Definition display
  • It is an energy-efficient device with V7.0 Label on its Energy Star
  • Anti-blur feature, giving you the clearest view of pictures and videos
  • Full HD display
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Starting it takes some time

#3. LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU 24-Inch 720p LED HD TV

This could be the smallest and lightest non-smart TV on our list. This means you can mount it on a small shelf or wall with ease and convenience. Like the previous non-smart TV’s mentioned above, this one produces HD quality videos. This device is unique with its Triple XD Engine, which processes the images in quality. The said feature works in creating more colorful pictures, stronger contrast, and natural color display.

Besides, this device comes with an HDMI port. The port enables you to connect it with other HD sources, including a Blu-ray player and PC. The LG 24LJ4540-WU non-smart TV won’t be at the least when compared to any smart devices in your home. This is an additional device for small homes. It gives you HDMI, LED backlight, and Triple XD Engine at a low cost.

Things We Liked
  • Easy to mount
  • Saves space because of its compact size
  • Lightweight
  • It is available at a low cost
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It features a single HDMI port
  • Thick screen border

#4. Sceptre 40 inch 1080p HDMI LED Display

This device is a great addition to your kid’s bedroom. It is a medium-size non-smart TV. Kids love to entertain themselves by watching cartoons and child-friendly movies when they are bored. This TV comes with high image quality and good connectivity, which is worthy to invest in.

Compared to its predecessors, this one focuses on enhancing the visual image quality. Compared to other models in this list, this device comes with a unique set of features. These include a single HDMI-shared-with-MHL port and MEMC 120. This means that you can transfer the image frames to this screen seamlessly. Another thing we love about it is that it works with a wide range of mobile devices. These functions are beneficial, most especially if your kid is a certified media streamer.

Things We Liked
  • Energy-star certified
  • Its MHL port converts the non-smart device into a streaming TV
  • It shows a high-quality picture
  • You won’t notice any distortion
Things We Didn’t Like
  • If you will connect the TV to any mobile devices, grains might occur sometimes

#5. Sceptre 65 Inches 4K UHD LED TV

This is a 65-inch non-smart TV that produces high-quality videos and images. This could give you enjoyable and exciting viewing experiences. You can mount it on the wall with ease and convenience. You can stream any 4k content without compromising its performance. The device comes with HDMI 2.0 that is compatible with any devices equipped with an HDMI port.

If you are a certified movie watcher, then this Sceptre 65 Inches 4K UHD LED TV is perfect for you. It comes with loads of high-quality features that will improve your viewing experiences. Even though this is not the cheapest model on this list, rest assured that it is worth to invest.

We love how it produces good video and image quality. Since you can mount it on them all, you can see a clearer view of the device whether you are sitting at the side or in front.

Things We Liked
  • Easy to mount
  • Slim
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Expensive

How to Choose the Best Non-Smart TV

TV is one of the best investments you could have. Considering the overwhelming number of brands and models of TV in the market, you want to ensure that you are picking the best. We are here to give you a helping hand when choosing the best non-smart TV.

Screen Size

When looking for a non-smart TV, the first thing to consider is screen size. Know how many individuals would spend most of their time in front of the TV. If you have a large family, we recommend you to pick a TV with a wide and large screen. We recommend you to opt for a TV with a screen size ranging from 55 inches to 65 inches.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels a TV could produce. Pictures compose of pixels. The number of pixels is a factor that describes the display quality. A high number of pixels means clear display quality.


This is another deterring feature you should keep in mind. You may consider this factor if you want to enjoy brighter and clearer videos and pictures. HDR is a feature that offers increased brightness, more contrast levels, and colors. This is an essential upgrade feature of Ultra HD or 4K Televisions.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate or what we call Hertz (Hz) describes how fast the TV will refresh the images. Generally, we recommend you to look for a TV that has 60 times per second refresh rate.

HDMI and Other Connections

This might be the least factor to consider, but it is still important. Look closely at the number of available HDMI ports on a TV you want to purchase. Generally, a non-smart TV with fewer HDMI inputs costs lesser than those with at least more than five ports. Take note that these connections are vital. You can use it for almost everything. An HDMI port enables you to add a game console, a Chromecast or a Roku, or a soundbar.

Gaming Features

If you are a certified gamer, this is an important factor to consider. Consider looking for a non-smart TV that has great sound and picture. Pay attention to the connectivity options, overall responsiveness, and the TV’s gaming features.

Even though we recommend you to look for a TV with multiple HDMI inputs, it would be great to opt for something that enables you to turn your TV into a gaming console. If you want a next-gen console, choose a device that features HDMI 2.1.

Those are a few and simple factors that you should keep in mind when buying a non-smart TV. Well, some factors such as screen size will depend on your personal preference. Aside from the factors we mentioned above, make sure to consider your budget. Take note that not all individuals can purchase an expensive device.

Is it worth it to buy a non-smart TV?

Considering the specifications and features of a smart TV we can say that it is so techy. That is why many people prefer buying it than the non-smart TV. But if you don’t need most of the complicated features of a smart TV, buying a non-smart TV will make your life simple. They might not be trendy, but they also offer innovative features that can answer your specific demands.

What’s the edge of a non-smart TV from a smart TV?

In terms of performance such as the interface, we can say that the smart TV is plagued with inferior interfaces. There are instances when the important settings are concealed. It’s because the smart TVs lack much processing power. With this, to avoid the inconveniences and performance-related issues.


The technology today is constantly improving. But this does not mean that you need to go with the flow. Not all upgrades are useful and beneficial. Compared to smart TVs, a non-smart device allows you to enjoy movies and gaming at a low cost. In this review, the Furrion 55″ Full HD LED TV wins. With its amazing features, anyone would have an enjoyable viewing experience.  Watching your favorite shows is enjoyable if the television offers a user-friendly and practical viewing experience.

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