Top 10 Best N64 HDMI Converter

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Best N64 HDMI Converter

With the resurgence of the classic games, people are taking out from the box their old GameCube, Xbox, and Nintendo64. These retro games are not compatible with the modern designs of high definition television. How can you enjoy those games using the older connections using RCA connector? The connector includes the classic yellow, white, and red ends. Many televisions today are not using such connector, thus getting irrelevant and obsolete.

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Reviews of 4 N64 HDMI Converter

What will you do to connect your N64 to HDTV? It is possible by using the best N64 HDMI converter. There are a lot of HDMI converter in the market making it overwhelming to find the best one. There are several factors to consider. We recommend investing in high quality converter. Upscaling to digital signals allows you to experience high quality game.

1. N64 to HDMI Converter

This conversion is a product of Oneme. You can use this product to convert Analog RGB Signals to Digital HDMI Signals. Through this converter, you can use your old model N64, Super NES, and GameCube with modern brands of monitors, high definition TV, and projectors. It also allows users to switch screen through the 4:3 and 16:9 conversion. Upon connecting this device, you may do a fault check. If a blue screen appeared, it means no video output. Check your connection. There may be also an issue on connection if there’s no audio.

Things We Liked
  • Compatible with N64, NGC, and SNES only
  • No potential lag
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost-effective
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Improves picture quality, but have slight artifacting
  • Scaling is good, but black bars on the screen is noticeable


2. HDMI Cable for N64

If you want to use your old school devices with your modern, smart HDMI monitor or HDTV, we recommend investing in this converter. This HDMI converter works with N64 and supports 4:3 and 16:9 switching. That’s why game players can change screens to make the most of the gaming effects.  It does not require driver installation. All you have to do is plug it and use it. This HDMI converter is flexible and portable. Thus, you can bring it along. Designed for N64, SNES, and GameCube only. This converter requires and works only with 5V1A power supply. Purchasing this product comes with 18 months warranty.

Things We Liked
  • Compatible with new HDMI television
  • Easy to install and cost-effective
  • Works on N64, GameCube, and SNES
  • Improves picture quality making it clearer
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It does not enhance the video quality, only the video signal transfer


3. Composite to HDMI Converter

This AV to HDMI adapter works universally to convert input from analog composite to HDMI 60Hz output. This adapter also converts AV, composite, and CVBS signals to HDMI signals. Thus, allows the user to view a video using new TV models. Converting digital from analog using this adapter employs 10 bits, 162MSPS sampling. It enables the video more alive, hence delivers the most realistic high definition visuals.

Many users are giving positive reviews about this product. It is a workable solution for you to use N64 and other similar consoles with any modern TV.

Things We Liked
  • Auto-convert and auto-detect the composite signal
  • Improves the color transition
  • Black and white level expansion
  • Expands the dynamic range
  • Enables advanced signal processing to improve details like colors, resolutions, and precision
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It may get a little hot, but it has cooling holes at the side
  • Does not support HDMI to AV
  • Less likely to improve the quality of the picture
  • Compatible only with RCA output products


4. Nintendo64 To HDMI Converter

Using an HDMI converter is ideal so that you can use your Nintendo64 with modern technology. It works on upgrading the game quality but not to restore the quality of image. It is also compatible with NTSC SNES consoles. Since the device is portable, you can enjoy flexible game experience. We do not recommend it for HDMI to AV conversion, rather only N64 to HDMI. This converter enables the user to watch older games with minimal issues.

Things We Liked
  • Easy to install and use
  • Does not require installation of drivers
  • Enables flexible gaming experience
  • No unnecessary cables
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Can only transfer video signal
  • Does not support 3D and 4K



Another device that you can use is the GANA RCA to HDMI converter. It can convert input from analog composite to HDMI 1080p output. It has input slot that you can use for mini USB power supply. Compatible with composite input including NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL/N, PAL/M, SECAM.

It is designed to upgrade older media eliminating any blurriness or artifacts. You can use this device for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. You can change either 720p or 1080p outputs. It is an excellent choice for wall-mounted HDTV.

Things We Liked
  • It has nice, portable design
  • Compatible to N64 and game console
  • Cost-effective
  • It offers output from 720p to 1080p
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It comes with short power cable, thus ideal only for wall-mounted TV
  • In some instances, upscaling doesn’t work


What to Look for When Buying the Best N64 HDMI Converter

  1. The Brand Value

The brand value of the best N64 HDMI Converter always depends on its running price in the marketplace. Several brands have offered their products at a much lower cost as compared with the N64 converter, which are higher in price but has quality in service.

Buying the best N64 HDMI Converter at a higher price is reasonable and much more worth it in the long run. Choose quality over quantity because if the quality is higher, you’ll get the high-end service that comes with it.

  1. Features and Specifications

Find the N64 HDMI Converter that is composite to the HDMI converter, N64 to HDMI, AV must be supported by 1080p with power adapter, RCA to HDMI for PS1, PS2 and PS3, and has SEGA video games video converter.

It must also be capable of being converted with Original SNES to the HDMI Converter, SNES HDMI adapter supported by PAL/NTSC with USB charge cable that best suits your computer or game console and has VHS VCR Camera DVD.

  1. Product Value

Make sure the N64 HMDI Converter you buy can give you valuable benefits but is lower in terms of cost. This can show you the durability of the product you bought through the quality of the effort.

  1. Weight

The item you buy should have a weight that is 10.5 ounces.

  1. Size

Your N64 HDMI Converter dimensions must be 4x2x0.7 inches.

What are the top two needed materials to use the N64 HDMI Converter?

  • N64 A/V Out. We use this kind of port for the Nintendo HDMI Cable connection.
  • N64 AC Adapter. It will be used separately for the power supply transmission port for the Nintendo 64 Unit. Before using this port, unplug the giant unit first.

How to Use N64 HDMI Converter

Step #1. Your Nintendo HDMI Cable must be plugged first to your N64.

Step #2. The other end of your Nintendo HDMI cable should be attached to the TV. You can choose from several options of attaching it.

Step #3. In the wall outlet, plug the USB Charger.

Step #4. The Micro USB cable must be plugged from the USB Charger, and plug it also into the wall. Choose the standard USB Size that fits the Micro USB converter.

Step #5. Switch its ratio into 4:3 or 16:9 before powering on the system.

Step #6. At the back of the N64, plug the N64 Power Supply unit.

Step #7. In the wall outlet, plug your N64 power supply.

Step #8. Turn on the game system, even if you don’t see it yet on TV.

Step #9. Turn on the TV and find in the setting the icon or command appropriate for Video Source.

Can you hook up the Nintendo 64 to HDMI?

Yes, you can! First, you just need to place at the back of your TV the yellow end A/V Stereo cable. After that, connect the red end of the cable into Audio “in” found on the right.

Now, connect the white end cable with Audio “in” at the left. And to ensure it is connected, firmly press the cables and do a slight twisting motion upon inserting each cable.


N64 Converter can enhance the video signal transfer upon using, but it cannot improve the quality of the video. In contrast, you can use the GameCube Converter for the high-quality views.

Aside from that, you can get great precision, colors, details and resolution, and the restoration of the original game screen is now easier. It is also supported by the NTSC3. 58, NTSC4. 43 of all standard TV formats input.

Finding the best N64 HDMI converter is challenging. Reading this post will help ease your search and eventually find the best deal.

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