Top 10 Best IPTV Box

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Best IPTV Box

Watching TV is one way to relax after a whole tiring day, hustling with work and other things. That’s why it is essential to ensure the best viewing experience of your favorite television shows and movies. Though there are many cable companies offering and claiming to provide the best services, using IPTV box is the best option.

Cable connections allow switching to different channels. But not all the time the service is satisfying. There are times the reception of the cable connections is poor. The good thing about IPTV services is that there’s no need to connect to cable networks. Instead, you can connect to an Internet and enjoy TV shows or movie marathon.

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Top 5 Best IPTV Box Reviews

If you will use your television to watch movies, games, and the likes, we recommend investing in an IPTV box. Otherwise, a computer or laptop is equipped with IPTV. The device will cost you significant amount of money. That’s why it is necessary to find the best deal.

Well, worry no more. This post will give you a short list of the best IPTV box that is available on the market today. Some of these can do more than you ever expect, while others deliver exactly what you want. Here are the bets IPTV boxes in the market today:

#1. MAG322

It is the most powerful IPTV box in the list. If you want a quick and easy launching of your new source of programs and movies, this is the box to get. The processor of the box is high performing with a chipset and a 512 MB RAM on board. One of its versions has a Wi-Fi module built-in for easy installation of the IPTV box since you will not have to worry about buying additional equipment. This IPTV box plays 2D and 3D graphics with the support of OpenGL ES 2. 0.


  • 3D video support is available
  • Network load is low even when content being delivered is high quality
  • It contains a modern and high performing processor
  • Sound and image quality are the best


  • Will be available only on January 2021
  • Only works with Minstra Server
  • A little bit pricey

#2. MAG420

This IPTV box is competitive as the first choice, but with a slight difference in price and capabilities. This IPTV box can show 4K content at 60 fps, which removes the need to use a lot of networks loading. It can also carry the 4K video and has a built-in Dolby system. It makes the sounds that you will hear clear and audible. If you suddenly suffer the bane of those who depend on the internet, slow internet connection speed is not a big issue. This box can still access UHD content because of its embedded HEVC codec (h.265).


  • Quick launch is possible
  • Great sound because of the Dolby system that has been built into it
  • Has built in Wi-Fi
  • Can be placed in any part of the house while eliminating the need for wires
  • Can be used on any model or brand of television


  • Limited ability to provide the shows that you may want
  • Some services are only available on other models
  • For android based only

#3. MAG 322 W1 IPTV BOX

Another recommendable IPTV box is the MAG 322 W1 IPTV BOX, which is the upgrade version of the MAG324. It supports the Linux OS and has a Wi-Fi module and bluetooth connectivity. HEVC video compression is supported by this IPTV box since it supports the 4K 2160P resolution. A faster processor has also been placed into the box to make it able to launch fast and clearly.


  • Faster than its predecessors
  • It has 1GB RAM
  • Fast shipping


  • Manual is not very informative when setting up the box
  • Some defective boxes have been delivered to clients

#4. BuzzTV XRS4000

The BuzzTV XRS4000 is our third choice. It is a sleek and expensive IPTV box that has a lot of trendy upgrades placed in it. Sounds as flashy as a sci – fi project made into reality. This IPTV box has built-in smart LED light technology to ensure it won’t overheat. The metal base ensures thermal reduction capabilities. It has full system backup and restore to avoid losing anything that you have programmed and saved. It even has a new video player that allows for better watching experience.


  • Sleeker design has incorporated a lot of upgrades
  • The OS has been modified
  • It contains the latest in graphics processor
  • It has security patches for Android


  • Expensive
  • Limited stock

#5. Android 9.0 TV Box

This IPTV box uses the latest OS of Android 9.0 and operates through Allwinner H6 Quad core cortex-A53. Thus, you can expect for a smooth loading of movies. It is compatible with other major Android apps. It offers ultra-fast speed, allowing you to enjoy smooth 4K and 3D movie experience. Expect to receive strong Wi-Fi signal through the dual-band Wi-Fi. It is more power-saving while delivering big-data and high definition wireless transmission. It has 32GB eMMC and 4GB DDR3, thus you can download more apps, watch sports programs and TV shows, or play online games. You can also connect it to external hard drive and expand the memory.


  • Offers better streaming
  • Bigger storage
  • Easy to install and use
  • Bluetooth compatibility


  • Some box gets hot

Buying Guide for the Best IPTV Box

IPTV box offers a long-term service. Before deciding to get one, better understand some factors that involve its service.

Payment options

Getting a premium service will cost you a considerable amount of money every month. But you can also find affordable subscription for IPTV service. The cost varies depending on your mode of subscription. If you want much better output, choose the premium plan.

Number connections

If you will use IPTV box, you have two options of subscription. You can choose the single or multiple connections. Connecting the IPTV solely in your smart TV requires a single connection box. However, if you will use the box in streaming over one device, you can subscribe to multiple connections.

Channels available

It is important to know the channels available in your area. You can also customize the subscription depending on your preferences.

EPG availability

The EPG or Electronic Program Guide shows the channel. Ask it from your service provider prior of purchasing the subscription. This way you will know if it is worth the cost.

 VPN compatibility

Using a VPN for IPTV box is a must so that the Internet service provider can monitor your online activity. This is important, especially when using the free IPTV services.

Customer support

Another thing to consider when investing in an IPTV box is the customer support. Make sure that the provider will provide support even after purchase. Buy service from a reputable provider that can provide support anytime you need it.

Before buying the box, ask everything about the services. Ad personalization is a good idea to consider. It allows you to customize the appearance of advertisements during live shows. This feature of an IPTV box will control the appearance of annoying ads.

Choose the IPTV service that will save you money, time, and hassle. With this, availing a trial version will let you know what you should expect about the project. This way, you will invest your money on the right product.

How to set up the IPTV

Setting up the IPTV box is easy as long as you follow the guides. If you will subscribe to premium IPTV services, you will login your credentials. The VPN app will help to access the home TV coverage, thus expects no restrictions when watching your favorite shows.

Is there a free subscription of IPTV?

There are free IPTV available. But expect the pros and cons. Try it first and use VPN to ensure security. Never try using free IPTV subscription, as it will put your security to risk.


There is a wide plethora of IPTV box that you can choose. Considering the reviews discussed above will help in making a smart buying decision. When deciding, think about everything, including the subscription plan and the costs. Look for the best offer and compare one product to another. Don’t forget the warranty and after-purchase support. Keep in mind that it will cost you considerable amount of money.

We all want to enjoy our favorite shows, programs and movies. The technology has opened a doorway where we can do this. The IPTV boxes in this list are the best in the market right now. From the most powerful to the ones that can bring the most value for your money, we have listed them for you. All you have to do is pick the one that is right for you so you can start watching and relaxing in front of your TV screens.

This post will help in making a narrow search for the best IPTV Box in the market that is worth your hard-earned money. Always invest for the best to ensure getting a more relaxing experience while watching your favorite shows and movies.

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