Top 10 Best Aptx Low Latency Headphones

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The average person spends over 8 hours per day consuming media. This is a lot of time, and as such it can be hard to find quality content that’s worth your time. That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of the best headphones for watching movies or TV shows on your smartphone so you don’t miss out on what everyone else is talking about.  

We know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to watch a movie but all you can hear are those pesky background noises from outside or from people walking around upstairs – these headphones will keep everything quiet so that you have an immersive viewing experience. In addition, they’ll help block out any noise coming from other people around you, which makes them perfect for binge

Top 4 Best Aptx Low Latency Headphones Reviews

1. Avantree Aria Me Personalized Audio Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Charging Stand & Microphone, aptX HD & Low Latency, Enhanced Volume Clear Voice Wireless Headset for Music, Call, Seniors

The Avantree Aria Me Personalized Audio Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones is perfect for those who need their music to be crisp and uninterrupted. With the option of wired or wireless connection, it’s never been easier to enjoy your favorite tunes without all that pesky ambient noise. These versatile headphones give you a wide range of listening settings both in terms of sound quality and size: from small earpads for private listening sessions to large ones for group activities like exercising outdoors. Besides, they were made with every conceivable style preference in mind–so now finding the perfect pair has never been simpler! And if you think about it, what better opportunity can there be than investing in yourself?


  • These headphones can measure your hearing and adjust the volume to fit you.
  • The ability to profile one’s hearing acuity is the stand-out feature of these headphones.
  • Got this for working from home and it has been great.
  • These headphones are great because they work with both my computer and iPad.


  • The app that the user downloaded helped to make sure they heard balanced sound despite having some hearing loss.

2. FALWEDI Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Apt-X CVC8.0 48H Music Playtime Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The FALWEDI Active Noise Cancelling Headphones come standard with a range of features, including active noise cancellation, to help you stay focused on your work. The product is designed for comfort and convenience. It folds compactly so that it’s easy to carry around during a busy day. These headphones also have fast charging and an incredible battery life-up to 48 hours of uninterrupted listening without worrying about running out of juice! They provide the finest stereo sound available while offering optimal comfort-and they’re even compatible with devices that don’t run on Bluetooth or AptX won’t compromise results or quality.”

*For all wireless products: please make sure your device has WiFi enabled in order for this technology to function correctly


  • The Falwedi headphones are a great deal of money for the quality and design.
  • These headphones are very comfortable and also do a good job of cutting out background noise.
  • The battery life is impressive, for a 48 hour charge you get 2 hours of play time.
  • The headphones are nice and work well.


  • The sound quality is good, but there’s a slight issue with an audio lag when experiencing bumps in the road.

3. AKSONIC Athlete Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Headset aptX Low Latency Wireless

Meet AKSONIC Athlete Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Headset aptX Low Latency Wireless. Made to endure, these are powerful headphones that are up for the challenge of any athlete. These lightweight headphones fit discreetly over your ears, offering crystal clear sound without having to compromise on comfort levels or feel during workouts. With its innovative design and superior components, the AKSONIC phone accessory also features 13 hours of playtime per charge which means you can take up more challenges with only a single battery stop. Designed beautifully not just for you but also your teammates, make sure these phones go home after each game with their new owner!


  • I found affordable Bluetooth headphones for exercise that work well and are easy to connect.
  • The person is looking for Bluetooth headphones that they could wear to the gym and for runs in a park.
  • For the price, these Bluetooth headphones are easy to use and have good sound quality


  • These headphones are compatible with the Minelab Equinox 600 and have aptX Low Latency.

4. Avantree Clari Air aptX Low Latency Wireless TV Headphones

With Avantree Clari Air, you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing sound quality no matter how many walls are in between. These wireless TV headphones also solve the problem of cord tangling by taking them off and powering them up (either with a USB charging cable or an AC adapter). Adjustable Magnetic Design variable size fits all for adults and children. Dual Drivers & Splitter Cable – Experience studio grade audio performance using our earpieces’ two dynamic drivers coupled with built-in splitter cables to provide Hi-Fi playback on both ears! (note: some models may not come with splitter cables)

What is aptx low latency and why should I care?

aptX low latency audio codec is a technology for Bluetooth headphones and other wireless sound devices to enhance their capabilities. The codec allows real-time, over the air transmission of stereo music, without any noticeable delay between audio and video. Essentially it allows your device to receive an audio signal wirelessly from a smartphone or PC at CD quality without delay. This makes it ideal for watching movies or gaming because you won’t have that annoying lip sync problem that can be so jarring when watching something with someone else on the screen.

In short, if you plan on using your headphones with a mobile device to watch videos or play games…you should care about aptx low latency compatibility.

How to buy aptx low latency headphones

aptX low latency headphones are either Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0 compatible models, since they must include an aptx codec chip inside the headphone. The aptx codec offers two modes of communication- standard mode for high quality sound and Low Latency mode for real time audio feed. Knowing this you should be able to understand what features are important in your next pair of headphones if you plan on using them with a smartphone or other mobile device that has aptx compatibility. If you want maximum compatibility you will need to know which version of the codec your phone is capable of handling so keep reading!

Why are these headphones better than other models on the market?

For the most part, all Bluetooth headphones for smartphones and tablets are aptx low latency compatible. The difference between standard models and those that offer aptx codec compatibility is that the models with aptx support will allow you to watch movies wirelessly without any lip sync delay between audio and video. They also will be able to play games wirelessly without a noticeable lag time in both directional movements as well as general sound quality. Aside from these features, the best feature of these types of headphones is their ability to provide you with CD quality sound-something other Bluetooth headphones cannot claim. If high sound quality is important to you…aptx codec compatibility could make your life much easier! What devices can I use aptx low latency headphones with?

The pros and cons of buying these types of headphones

They are the same because it’s all about compatibility. If you want to watch movies wirelessly without any lip sync issues-aptx is for you! If gaming online with friends is your thing, aptx will be a must have as well. It should also be noted that using two headphones that are both aptx compatible can significantly cut down on latency time between devices if that’s what you’re looking for. The only con of these types of Bluetooth headphones is the price point.

Things you need to know before purchasing this type of product .

  1. The device you use must be aptx compatible for all of the headphones benefits to work fully. If your phone is not compatible, the best thing you can do is upgrade! Your next option is to find a wireless headphone with high sound quality but without aptx…it will still give you CD like audio-just not in real time.
  2. Keep in mind that Bluetooth 4.0 requires more battery power than other models. If you want maximum compatibility and sound quality it’s probably worth the small sacrifice in battery life, but if this feature is something that would bother you-consider buying a pair of headphones with other connectivity options (such as an auxiliary cable).
  3. You should always buy from reputable companies that offer long term returns/ exchanges, so be sure to check out the warranty policies before you make your final purchase.

Where can I find more information about this type of headphone?

There are many websites that offer more information on this type of headphone, but the most accurate information will come from manufacturers pages.


To summarize, the best aptx low latency headphones are those that have a high quality of sound and minimal lag time. This is what will allow you to enjoy your music without experiencing any frustrating interruptions in audio or video feed. If you want to find out more about other factors to consider when looking for these types of devices, make sure you continue reading our blog post! We hope this guide has helped us provide some insight into how consumers can choose an aptx low latency headphone set that’s right for them. It should be safe now to say that we’ve covered all bases on this topic. As always, feel free to contact us if there are any questions or concerns before making a purchase decision. Thanks again for following along with

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